Jade Dragon Technologies Onsite IT Support
Jade Dragon Technologies
Do you need On-Site IT and Computer Support and do not have a full time IT person?
Feel like your current setup is adequate and works as is, yet feel things could always be better ? Here at Jade Dragon Technologies, we can help you and your business.. From setting up your email for your pet to customized solutions that fit your needs in your environment. We are always looking to expand into new and unique skill sets that benefit you and your business.
Your own Cloud setup. Powerhouse CAD machine. A cryptocurrency mining rig or interested in designing your 4K Dream Gaming system for you or your children ? See what services we offer might tickle your fancy over on our We all know that the axiom of one size fits all never fits most of the time. Jade Dragon Technologies strives to provide the best solution for you that benefit your business and clients Service Page
Jade Dragon Technologies provides on site IT and Computer Support for home users, SOHO and small offices in a service rendered, service paid business model Besides from our on-site support on a Freelance basis or in Service level Agreements. At Jade Dragon Technologies, we strive to provide high quality work and support for all our clients.
We look forward to hearing from you on how we can be of assistant to your IT and computer needs. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Or if you wish to join our newsletter to keep informed about relevant news to the company Get in contact
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